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My path to Yoga has been unique and one I am lucky to call mine.

I graduated high school at 16 and college at 20 - I had always put myself on the fast track  to be as successful as I could be. I think this drive was rooted in fear from growing up in a lower middle class family and watching my parents struggle to make ends meet.  This drive catapulted me to crave success beyond a measure I could imagine. At 21 I become the youngest manager in a multi-billion international company and I quickly realized that living with emotions rooted in fear didn't make me happy. I was over weight, struggled with anxiety and unhappy beyond measure - and a small voice inside of me knew there was more.  I started running during Grad school to help keep me sane, but this only added more stress into my life. After completing my first marathon, I had such severe injuries I couldn't run for 6 months after the race and it was during that time I was truly called to the practice of yoga. I used to do workouts for the physical benefits, but yoga was different.

I found myself enjoying slowing down and being encouraged to feel breath and emotion rather than hiding from them or keeping it shallow. 

After a year and a half of practice I completed my RYT-200  with Jenny Busco and Jaimis Huff.  Nine months later, I decided to leave my job to travel to India to pursue my RYT-500. Upon returning from such a life changing trip I decided to pursue teaching yoga full -time. 

I haven't looked back since that decision and feel incredibly grateful for all the situations that felt like failure that led me to the life I live today.

These days you can find me teaching and doing yoga, hiking with my sweet pup and traveling with my love.