Class Schedule



4:15pm Invigoriate at Bulldog Yoga Boulder

5:30pm Exhilarate at Bulldog Yoga Boulder

6:45pm Rocket Yoga at Bulldog Yoga Boulder


12pm Invigoriate at Bulldog Yoga Boulder


12pm Power 3 at SOL19

1:30 Yin at SOL19

5:30 Power 3 at SOL19


7:30am Invigoriate at Bulldog Yoga Boulder

9am Invigorate at Bulldog Yoga Boulder

Class Descriptions:

Invigorate92: Invigorate is ambitious, stimulating and pretty darn aerobic. Your blood (and sweat!) will flow as we move you through a “power” class set to great music.

Exhilarate92: Exhilarate is the Invigorate Class “dialed up” for an extra cardio and strengthening challenge. This class combines a unique style of dynamic, fitness-oriented yoga with plyometrics and resistance band training.

Yin:  This class is relaxing, but the results are achieved through moderate intensity through long holds. Our teachers guide students to hold postures passively for 2-5 minutes in order to give the body time to ease into the new areas of flexibility and mobility; this gently stresses connective tissues (tendons, ligaments, and fascia). Your body will work hard, so we set the room at a comfortable 80 degrees, keep the music soft, and the lights down low.

Power 3:  aka Rocket Yoga!

The Rocket practice is a set of sequences based on the Ashtanga Primary and Intermediate Series. Created by Larry Schultz for the Grateful Dead, The Rocket breaks the rules of traditional yoga with an emphasis on building strength and flexibility. It's called The Rocket because it gets you there faster.

This class is for students of all levels who want to be challenged in a playful yet accessible way. The only requirements are a good attitude and a yearning to defy gravity!